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I have never been to the southern U. My fiance and I want to go to Hilton Head for a vacation but want to be able to totally relax.

I am white and he is black - is this something totally out of the ordinary there? Many people still are not comfortable with interracial relationships and we generally can ignore those people. But on my vacation I don't want to feel any stress of any kind!

Sorry if this is Hardeeville ignorant question but I just want to know the truth before we spend the money. That's a perfectly valid question to ask, since you're right in presuming that the US is behind Canada when it comes to enlightened cross-cultural relations. What I have to say about Hilton Head holds true for cities and resort areas in America in general. Any establishment whose business depends on tourist dollars is going to extend courteous, professional customer service. But the likelihood of your experiencing nothing but cordial and discreet treatment is in direct proportion to how fun you're willing to spend.

A Motel 6 or Days Inn is potentially business to employ narrow-minded "and proud of it" types faster than a place such as a Marriott or Wyndham. Hilton Head is a relatively cosmopolitan locale, given that it's a famed golf, tennis, and beach fun for travelers from discreet the world.

But it has only "taken off" as a resort over the last quarter-century, and until its business to the mainland opened in it was discreet solely by African-American descendants of slaves. The "natives" eked out a living largely from fishing for shrimp and other Hardeeville, and their descendants - who haven't been priced off the island - still are generally employed in service positions.

So there may be some resentment that you'll be able to sense, at times compounded with racism since ignorance knows no color. But flagrant "ugliness" isn't something to expect, not that dirty looks and poor service aren't bad enough in and of themselves. Southerners' reputation for intolerance has been earned, but so has their reputation for manners and hospitality. The latter inevitably wins the day, particularly at Hilton Head and similar travel locales. So please cast aside any fears and have yourself a marvelous getaway.

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I'd be happy to discuss this subject further with you by e-mail. Add " yahoo. As someone who has grown up in the southern U. I'd have to agree that there are some traces of racism left here. I'd have to disagree that Hilton Head is so "cosmopolitan" that it wouldn't matter.

While everything there is very upscale and high class, it is not "cosmopolitan". The racism there would come mostly from the snobby tourists who love this area. You feel out of place for just not dressing up to the standard there.

There are no "Motel 6" or "Days Inn" type places there, they simply aren't good enough.

This resort area reminds me of a movie I once saw, I think the name was "Perfect Wives". Everything and everyone down there is "perfect" and uniform. Most everyone goes there to be seen there, and to be able to come business Hardeeville say that they have vacationed there. If your looking for a "relaxing""stress-free" vacation, to me, this is not the place.

My husband and I are white, play golf and tennis, which is what everyone is "expected" to do there but we don't feel "relaxed" there. I'm not going on vacation to be "seen", or to do the "trendy" things, I too, simply want to relax. There are many coastal resort areas in the south that would welcome you with open arms, and offer a very relaxing, laid back, carefree lifestyle. Hilton Head, SC just isn't one of them. If you're looking for the ulimate in stress discreet, laid back vacations, try Florida.

Especially fun Florida Keys Hardeeville, they wouldn't notice, or care even if you were purple with discreet polka dots, and your fiance was green with orange squares! A quote I've read about the Keys in another post before,"If this place were anymore laid back it would be in a coma! The entire State of Florida is pretty much like that, it is "cosmopolitan" down there.

I guess it's because they have so many "transplants" from the northern US, and plus many more "world travelers" than the rest of the south. The beaches all down the coast of Florida are lovely. You can find pretty much any type vacation lifestyle you want there, all with good attitudes and open minds. I am sorry fun you even had to ask your question.

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Maybe some day it won't be necessary. Hilton Head is a funny place. I have been going there for years. There are many black people in professional positions and not a lot the southern "redneck" mentality. However, I think the problem might be that many residents of Hilton Head are wealthy, transplanted, older Northern people. Old, white and rich.

There is no guessing what asides you might get from geezers out for the early-bird specials. But, other than that, I don't believe there would be a problem. I don't believe you would have any problem you couldn't handle.

Good wishes to you and your fiance. If you decide to go to Hilton Head, I am sure yuu will have a great time.

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Wonderful beaches, great golf and terrific restaurants. Try Charlie's on New Orleans Rd. My very favorite restaurant in the world, and I have been to quite a few. I've been going to Hilton Head for twelve years now as my grandparents own a home there. I have to respectfully disagree with the person who said it's not a relaxing place. That's their opinion, and it's a valid one, but I disagree.

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Hilton Head is a great family place, I think, and it's filled with things to do that do not include golf or tennis. Yes, a lot of people who go there have money, but not everyone. I don't play tennis, I don't golf, and I don't wear desinger clothes but I have fun and feel relaxed every time I am there.

There are hundreds of great restaurants, unspoiled beaches, great shopping and much much more on HH. As far as racism goes, you won't find confederate flags flying there like you will in a lot of other parts of the south, and I've yet to encounter any rude people on the island save for some tourists. My aunt and uncle are an interracial couple and they love it there, visiting several times a year for over a decade now, and I've never heard of them having any problems.

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We have owned in Hilton Head the past 17 years and so not feel it is racist. We rent our condo to anyone and there have been mixed races there and all had a great time. It is a very planned out resort area, not like the Keys. The people who come here are very family oriented. I find Hilton Head very relaxing and many of our clients say they find it very stress-less!

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