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The vehicle had left the road, plowed through some small trees, and struck a stump.

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Most of those interviewed feel that enough money is being spent toward this goal, but almost a third would like lt tec the spending reduced, the surveys showed. The conch sions came from five public opinion surveys conducted in 1! Favorable Attitude Four of the surveys, conducted by Trendex, a televisjon-ralin. Trendex uked whether they favored he program; whether its pace should be changcd;whe- Iher its spending level should be changed; and whether "most a the money spent on manned space explorations should be for military advantages or nonmilitary scientific benefits.

They included legislators, educators, clergymen, business executives and editors. The last of these was conducted in six cities last September.

ITIvS loil otpllinmri. It said there was "a growing apathy" among public opinion leaders and the public itself.

It also indicated - but refrained from predicting -- that the decline in support might accelerate. The Grumman survey was by the Fuller fc Smith k Ross, inc. Both the manufacturers and their advertising agencies have large stakes in the success of the space program and a strong Interest in creating public attitudes Boston i.

Twenty-five per Des Moines. This survey found more support for the lunar program among leaders. Trendex found that 69 per cent of those interviewed last September favored the lunar program, 25 per cent opposed it and only 6 per cent had not opinion.

In the last Trendex survey,the firm has conducted three per cent favored a speed-up, :8 per cent favored a slowdown and 48 per cent said neither should be done. In contrast, a survey heid shortly after the last American manned flight last year showed that only 28 per cent thought no change in the program was needed. Thirty-nine per cent then favored a speed-up, and M per cent wanted a slower program. Sane 23 per cent felt the program should be accelerated, and 31 per cent said it should be slowed down.

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Something for lunch, for tea, for notching games, lor visiting friends in a casllein the Highlands. Boeing is making cargo jefc that have a capacity of 9, cubic feet long and vade enough to contain two bowling alleys. The jet can carry a load of 45 tons across the United States with a normal fuel load. AP - A study committee has recommended that action be started to obtain a city charter for this town of 7, persons. Chairman Richard LaPe. I am overweight and realize that may have some bearing, but I bad this trouble before, too.

Otherwise I am in excellent health. Dear Doctor: My case has been diagnosed as "cyclic edema. I have tried diuretics but none enabling act. This, in turn, would clear the r.

It's because Robin's longbow and the blunderbuss of the Pil. The weapons are defined as longbows, crossbcnvs, muzzle-loading rifles and muzzle-loading shot guns. Molner, M. Keeping salt in the dirt at a minimum is an obvious measure, minimum u ait w.

Diuretics drugs lo release ex- crfnc Craven, a council mem- cess fluid can be helpful when ber. No Single Cause Rather than agreeing there is no known cause, I'd rather state there is no single cause for all cases. Most women have an increase in water retention just before the menstrual period, with an increase in weight of from one to perhaps 10 pounds; the weight is ron. I,vcre slrep infection earlier in cure. Because liormone activity is Anoiner common caust- u sni- Among the animals hunted on closely related lo the psycholo- silivily lo lipstick or possibly lo the heavily timbered hills are jdcal or emotional stale, alien- a dentifrice.

Try chanjins these, squirrel, doves, rabbits, quail, lion to tensions can be helpful, or even " without liostick deer. Low thyroid activity also tends to cause some degree of fluid retention. The welts suggest an "angio- neuroUc edema," and possibly an allc: TM In rr.

While cyclic edema cannot be neatly pigeon-holed as coming from any single cause, fortunately severe cases. Many dentists X-ray before they fix the teeth. With modem equipment and in skilled hands, I see no reason for concern.

The exposure is brief and, of course, applied only to the tMth and gums. Dear Dr. Molner: I am bothered with sore comers of my mouth.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Cold creams, oils, etc, effect no encrusted. What causes these eruptions? It can be from a Vitamin B deficiency. How is your dirt? AP - Gov. The league's president. Charles C. Cuerriero of Manchester, wrote King saying:: "We still feel, as our members agreed inthat an independent Department of Mental Health is basic to sound administration Our members stand ready to support such a bill and we urge that you act promptly in initiating one.

Wesley Powell. Many army combat leaders consider the Davy Crockett not so accurate as they would wish.

Abo, although it ostensibly fires either a nuclear or conventional warhead, the Davy Crockett is thought of here solely as a nu- cle-ar weapon. The request came Monday night from the Boston City dorscd a proposal by Mrs. Kath- mision to look for a "possible c o n n e c t i o n between these crimes of violence and the aforesaid illegal activities. John W. King turned his back on the state budget in favor of poetry after- poems about an Irish d i s a s t e r in which uncles of the governor perished.

Thomas Mdntyrc, RN. Unlike the Davy Crockett, which is carried in a truck or can be mounted on a jeep, but which in most cases would be set up on the ground, the mm. Army experts here said the mm.

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The is one of the army's most successful pieces of new equipment. Its distribution lo combat units of the 7th army has been completed. Under existing regulations for example they may not even concede that the 7th 'army is equipped with them. Mills lo conduct additional research and development of an instrument suitable for measuring neutron intensity.

Nashua telegraph from nashua, new hampshire · 3

The slccl cable ronvejor bell seen above hauls tailings from railroad hopper cars lo trucks for dislribution lo Ihe embanJimenl. The dam. A better estimate, it is King was ed by several of believed, is that the explosive! TIL S P. Help yourself to savings on beautiful carat gold-trimmed glasses hat come in Duz Detergent. Choose tumbler or juice sizes. And now you can even save an extra 8 cents by redeeming this coupon. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers.

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